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As an architectural photographer, I provide high-quality photography and post production editing (Photoshop) services to discerning clients looking for exceptional architectural imagery. 

With over two decades of experience in photography, publishing, and design, I started photographing early on in my teens, shooting for food, after receiving my professional training at The School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University's 5-year arts program. Later I attended Salt Center for Documentary Studies in Portland Maine, Santa Fe Photo Center, and The Rockport Photographic Workshops and taught at even more schools. 

My career began in photojournalism which eventually put me behind a desk when I became a chief editor with Accent Home & Garden Magazine. It took the disruption of starting a family in 2012 to get me back to my home behind the lens where I've always been happiest. I work in architecture because it's the highest art form many people allow themselves - the home, the business, are all heavily imbued with the best parts of ourselves and I find photographing them to be endlessly fascinating, each project unique. I honor that in return by giving each home or business my complete focus and care.

I shoot in either half or full day increments. When planning for shoot times keep in mind the three factors which affect the time it takes - cleaning, staging, and lighting. If the first three are taken care of by the client then things move along the quickest, but I can also provide full staging services if necessary and time allows, usually with the support of an interior designer.

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